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Doctorly Words of Wisdom


if there comes a day i do not reblog this, assume i am dead

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whouffle swag

the soufflé don’t bake till we walk in

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"Mercifully, these days people don’t see being gay as a character flaw. But nor is it a virtue, like kindness. Or a talent, like playing the banjo. It’s just a fact. Of course, it’s part of my make-up, but I don’t want to trade on it. I am a private person; I think that’s important if you’re an actor. But there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy, and I’m not a secretive person. Really I just want to get on with my job, which is to pretend to be lots of different people. Simple as that.” (x)

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Enjoy your Tennant Tuesday everyone! xo Shannon


Enjoy your Tennant Tuesday everyone! xo Shannon

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